Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wire

Ok, so I know I'm late getting on this train, but JEC and I just finished watching season 4 of The Wire and I think it may be the best television series ever. Or at least in my top three (up there with The West Wing and Six Feet Under). It is not a fun, easy series to get into. I could barely understand what was going on in the first three episodes. But I stuck it out and the rewards are enormous. This last season we finished, #4, deals with the Baltimore Public School system.  Growing up in Detroit and going through the public schools, this season hit so close to home. My experience was nothing like what the kids depicted on that tv show go through, but my mom taught a lot of kids who came from similar backgrounds. Our public school systems are broken and no one seems to know what to do about it. I think a place to start is with Geoffrey Canada and his concept of education reform that begins with Baby College. Listen to this feature, it's really great: Oh, and watch The Wire.


  1. Celia, I can't believe you're talking about Geoffrey Canada. I walk around with his book and talk about it to anyone who will sit still long enough to hear about him, baby college, etc. I have some people in my district interested in a family intense/intervention preschool (fully staffed by social worker--intials LK...). Unfortunately, we're cutting away like every other public school in the country so nothing's happening right now. Canada has so many great and valid ideas that make so much sense. Love and miss you loads. We think we'll be coming to NY to visit Peter--will let you know. Have I told you there are direct flights from NY to Traverse City which is 25 minutes from our Up North place? Would love to have you and John visit us. Water, sunsets, total peace and relaxation are guaranteed. XOXOXOX

  2. The Wire may well be the best TV series ever. It's more like a novel than a TV series. Season 5 is a slight letdown after Season 4 (which was the series' high), but that's partly because HBO made them cram everything in 10 episodes instead of the usual 12 or 13.

  3. The best show ever!
    Walking through the real scenarios of The Wire,