Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Trucks

I love dessert. More than anything. On my way home from yoga last week I walked past the Treats Truck on 5th avenue and 22nd. I'd read about these mobile sweet suppliers that choose different spots in the city to park and feed whoever walks by. I decided I need to see what it was all about. This truck had fresh baked cookies and brownies with some milk/coffee beverage options. I decided on a caramel creme sandwich (two brown sugar cookies with vanilla cream frosting). It was delicious. Also, this truck runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which is very environmentally responsible. This led me to do some more research and I found another option called the Dessert Truck. This one sounds a little fancier with menu items like creme brulee and warm chocolate bread pudding. You can find out both truck's schedules on their websites. If you're not so into the sweets, there are a bunch of these trucks all over the city preparing everything from korean bbq to waffles to tacos. I plan to find out where all of these trucks are parked and eat my way up and down the streets this summer.

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  1. Hey Celia!

    Last time I was in NY I ate at the dessert truck. So good! I really like your blog and look forward to more posts.

    Nora B.